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Korina Kominou
Social Researcher

The workshop was a pleasant and refreshing experience that gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better and to practically improve my everyday life.
It helped me adopt a more positive and optimistic way of thinking and utilize my strengths; thus significantly increase my personal and professional success. At the same time, it showed me how to make my weaknesses irrelevant so not to disturb my life. STARS Success Yourself© also gave me the opportunity to listen and to be inspired by two significant and well trained instructors who introduced me on perceptions that enlightened me on how to include the strengths of positive psychology into my life. In my opinion, STARS Success Yourself© is a dynamic tool that helps me overcoming obstacles and difficulties; while focusing on the positive incidents of my life and showed me how to visualize every day the goals I want to achieve. It gave me the courage and confidence I needed to move my professional career upwards and succeed in small or/and bigger goals that will help me develop as professional but as a person as well.

HR Manager
Athens Urban Transport Organisation S.A. (ΟΑΣΑ)

"Α very valuable training program. Taking part in this workshop I can now understand how coaching can help accomplish goals. Every experience with them was positive, educational and compassionate".

Artemis Lionta
Social Media Marketing Consultant and trainer

Through the use of games, dynamic examples and surprises, STARS Success Yourself© guides us towards the identification of distinct success criteria. Following the strategy of oriented questions, the trainee learns how to direct his/her clients to define and express their needs, to best exploit their strengths (the strengths awareness test was revealing!) and to familiarize oneself with the necessary action plan steps that get us to achieve our goals.

Jens Koslowsky
Director of European Affairs
Militos S.A.

"The STARS mentoring session has proven extremely helpful in making me realize that there are several strengths somewhat sleeping within! Through this inspirational workshop I have been able to acknowledge and recognize my major past achievements and my abilities. It really opened my eyes and made me realize how to better exploit my strong points. I honestly can say that the workshop has had and still has lasting effects on the way I see my current and future professional and personal life. It was an original, at times challenging, and ultimately valuable experience."

Stathis Georgakopoulos
e-Communication Officer
Militos S.A.

"The STARS workshop helped me identify my strengths which have been subconsciously leading me all this time. Now, I can manage my strengths and take advantage of them to become better at my works and on my social role. I feel more confident on what I can undertake and successfully complete and my colleagues now trust me more. After STARS, I’m always ready for action!"

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