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The STARS© model provides a process for personal and professional development, which starts with a dynamic awareness mapping (i.e. the Reality Check phase) and builds through five concrete, interlinked and interactive phases (i.e. strengths awareness and spotting, trial and success, appreciative self-talk and visualization, roadmap forward, and success yourself).

The model creates a bridge between self-awareness and learning, thus facilitating individuals to begin a process of self-assessment, transformational change and success through an experience of inspiration, motivation as well as practical guidance.

It was developed based on state-of-the-art scientific research of human potential and growth underpinned by the principles of positive psychology, talents and strengths, positive appreciation, visualisation, goal setting and action planning, as well as success assessment.

reality check
A dynamic awareness mapping session, that launches the model start and acts as a prerequisite, during which goal(s) and want(s) are identified, expressed, discussed, and clarified in relation to the environment, dynamics, conditions, opportunities, related individuals, etc. that form reality. It is an important startup phase that creates its own timeframe without limitations. The same principle applies with a different approach, in the event that there is no specific goal but rather more of a wish or a dream.
strengths awareness & spotting
A dual level self-strengths awareness and strengths spotting session, that foresees the recognition of strengths for oneself and others, through scientific tests or/and strengths discussions or/and self-reflection on peak performance, frequent use and energy released. This phase enables individuals to discover, understand and use their strengths so as to achieve their goals. This stage is of paramount importance since it can assist the individual in embarking on a journey of self-reflection, a process of understanding and evaluating oneself, which raises awareness of one’s inner strengths and the possible ways to combine and apply them in one’s activities and achieve goals. This self-knowledge enriches one’s ability, in combination with skills, to spot the strengths in others as well.
trial & success
A refreshing process of positive reminiscence and (re)thinking that inspires and motivates individuals to reflect, focus and repeat past successes, while experiencing a unique empowering moment, ‘have done, can do’. The situation to be reflected must bear similarities with the goal that the individuals wish to achieve for better results so as to define the success clues that will guide them on how to achieve their goals, while using their (unrealized) strengths and successful behaviors.
appreciative self-talk & visualization
A mindful self-talk process that focuses on and recognizes the positive self at present, and through positive mental imagery it creates a personal reward system for appreciative mind-setting that builds towards the ideal self, within (doable) reality.
roadmap forward
A ‘professional’ exercise that aligns thoughts, behaviors and feelings with realistic goal setting. It outlines, guides and details the “what, how, who, when”, etc. in a realistic, achievable, measurable and timely action plan. Although it is dynamic, and open to updates and corrective actions, its core nature lies in commitment, being both a prerequisite and a tool.
success yourself
A personalized success assessment phase that highlights the definition, management, monitoring and measuring of a set of critical success indicators so as to ensure goal achievement and success sustainability.

The model has undergone a one-year intensive pilot testing, with the kind commitment of individuals and groups. The testing was conducted by the team of knowl S.E., both in private sessions and in groups of max 12 participants. Upon the completion of the pilot implementation phase, updates and fine tuning were carried out.

The STARS© model is part of the accredited by the International Coach Federation dynamic 2-day workshop for personal and professional development, titled STARS Success Yourself©. The workshop is being delivered exclusively by knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning (click and learn more about the workshop).

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